Friday, March 8, 2013

Pariz One-News


Kosmopolite Art Tour organized by my friends of Urban Stylistix we done a 600ft wall, painted with some of my friends as Bonsai from UK, kAR and Nomen.

photos by Elcapitan.

Special thanks to Markus.


Pariz One & Aspen @  Primeira art Gallery

I was invited along with Aspen to paint in the wall of Primeira Arte Gallery.

thanks to Smile, and my photographer Elcapitan.


Bray-Trun(Russia)-Pariz One

My brother Trun came to visit me in Lisbon we spend very good moments together with our families, we called Bray

to join us in the afternoon wall, enjoy.


Pariz One- Barcelona

Good days in Barcelona with my boys Rash55, Jaik and Noble.

Barcelona always a place to return.


Boogie Down Lisbon

Boogie Down Lisbon is a project created by Urban Art Gallery (GAU) of Lisbon where they invite me to be the person to organize the first edition of this event.



Pariz One going Gold

Funny story about this one, me and my VDogS decide to make a quick piece, that start in one after-nun and just was possible to finish it almost 10 days after all because of the fuck*ng rain!

I had this idea of mix gold with similar colors for a long time, and this it the result of it, I let you be the judge of that.

One love to my boys Rash55 and Argonarms.


elCapitan Photography- Pariz official Photographer

In the last few years i was introduce to a lot of talented photographers, and some of them become good friends, elCapitan was a good surprise to me, more than a friend that stay next to you in the wall all day long( if you have a girlfriend you know that this is not a easy task), even in raining days, or missions....elCapitan reveal to have a writer point of view, and this together make me became a big fan!



Pariz One- Back at home

After 45 days and 10 planes, i got back at home to chill with some of my crew mates, in these case with Rote we enjoy

Portugal Sun in our GVS spot.


Pariz One in Zagreb

Zagreb the city where anything can happen,where the day is so mysterious as the night.

I paint with some new and old friends in Zagreb where we enjoy the cold beer and hot sun.